The intention of our hackathon is to introduce CS to students who otherwise may not be familiar with computer science and how it correlates to bioengineering as a consequence of their general coursework. With BioHack being unique as a bioengineering / biomedical focused hackathon, BioHack provides an opportunity for students who may not typically engage in hackathons to leave the event having learned something new - whether they picked up a new foundation for a skill through a technical workshop, networked with faculty to discuss potential undergraduate research opportunities, met people with similar interests through hacker teams, or even secured the foundation for a business idea they may bring to fruition in their future endeavors.



What to Build

Submit a project which addresses a problem or need which has some degree of relevance to the primary themes associated with BioHack (Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Environmental Sustainability, Healthcare). 

What to Submit

Submissions must consist of a video to be posted on YouTube (unlisted) which presents the project / a demo of the project to judges in addition to the completed Devpost submission of the project. 



Hackathon Sponsors


$326 in prizes

Apple Airpods Pro

Arduino Starter Kit

Power Strip Cube

Raspberry Pi Kit

Portable Chargers

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Dr. Robert McKee

Dr. Robert McKee
BIEN Faculty at UCR

Dwarak Ravichandran

Dwarak Ravichandran
Systems Support Engineer at Illumina

David Paul Villafuerte

David Paul Villafuerte
Quality Assurance at Abbott

Brian Crites

Brian Crites
Backend Lead at Piñata Farms

Dr. Anna Hickerson

Dr. Anna Hickerson
Keck Graduate Institute Representative

Dr. Sidarth Modha

Dr. Sidarth Modha
PhD Graduate, Regenerative Microengineering Laboratory at UC Riverside

Judging Criteria

  • Best Beginner Hack
    Does the team contain more than 50% of members as novice hackers? Given the background and experience of the hackers, did they create a project with functionality and some sort of complexity?
  • Best Green Hack
    Does the project have a sustainability/environmental focus? How big is the social impact of this project?
  • Best Hardware Hack
    Complexity of the circuit/hardware? Difficulty of the hardware platform? (ie. VR vs. Arduino)
  • Best Startup
    What is the business potential of this product?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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